Health Care Proxy

Don't Get Medical Care You Wouldn't Want

Choose a trusted health care proxy in Walpole, MA

Deciding whether or not to get certain medical procedures is a deeply personal issue. But if you're unconscious or otherwise unable to make your own medical decisions, someone else will have to make those choices for you. Thankfully, you can appoint someone you trust to be your health care proxy.

The Law Office of Richard W. Mable in Walpole, MA can draft a legally binding document so your chosen proxy will have the power to make medical decisions on your behalf. Reach out today to learn more about health care proxy law.

Why do you need a health care proxy?

You may be wondering if you really need a health care proxy. Afterall, won't the family come together to make those decisions? Well, having a single health care proxy is important because:

Families disagree - A lot goes into making a medical decision, and your family members may have conflicting opinions. Not only could this cause tension among your loved ones, but you could also potentially get a medical procedure you wouldn't have wanted.

Decisions need to be made fast - Even if your family normally agrees, some medical decisions need to be made immediately. Having a single proxy means that your family won't have to spend time calling each other and discussing the situation before making a decision.

Set up an appointment with our health care proxy law firm today if you're ready to appoint a proxy.

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