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How Do I Schedule A Consultation or Conference?

It's easy! You can e-mail me at with the following information:

1) Your Name, Address, and secure (confidential) Contact Information (telephone number and e-mail address).

2) A Brief description of the factual background and nature of your legal issue.

3) Dates and times that you are available. Generally, I am available Monday through Thursday days and, on special request, early evenings. Friday days only are available. Weekends are available by special emergency request only.

Or, you can call my office at (508) 404-1150 and speak with my administrative assistant, Linda, to leave a message. Since your message will contain sensitive and confidential information concerning your legal issue Linda will graciously direct you into my voice mail. You can leave a detailed message along with your available dates and times should I not be immediately available to take your call.

Once I have your information about the nature of the legal issue and your requested dates and times, in most instances I contact you the same day or early evening. In all cases, I return your call or inquiry within 24 hours.

Is There A Difference Between A Telephone Consultation And An Office Conference?

Absolutely. A telephone consultation provides an overview assessment of your legal issue. Consultations are limited to 15 minutes since there is no charge for a telephone consultation. Telephone consultations focus on issue identification for prospective clients to potentially address or consider. Office conferences and formal attorney-client engagements typically follow.

The office conference permits a more detailed review of your underlying background facts and concerns as well as potential legal issues. A preliminary assessment and outline of legal options is typically presented. In addition, both you and I are afforded the opportunity to see if an extended attorney-client engagement is a good fit for the duration of your case. The duration of the initial conference is generally takes up to one hour. A nominal charge is typically assessed at the time of the conference.