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Calm waters do not necessarily mean smooth sailing. Woe and misfortune inevitably come to those who stubbornly persist in setting out alone onto uncharted seas. Now that you have successfully navigated to the website of the Law Office of Richard W. Mable, you do not have to plot your course alone. Here, you will find the resources necessary to familiarize yourself with the legal issues you may encounter.

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The Law Office of Richard W. Mable in Walpole, MA offers you seasoned and experienced counsel along with the guidance you deserve. Whether the scope of your legal need is basic, such as a simple estate plan, or complex, like a small business operations matter or contract dispute, you need timely and practical answers, advice and recommendations. We believe no question is too silly to ask, because effective and economical representation goes hand in hand with an informed client.

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Animal welfare

As a result of nearly 30 years of assisting one of the country's leading humane societies in the investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty cases as well as operational issues, the lead attorney at the Law Office of Richard W. Mable is regularly asked to consult on legislative drafting. He is also available, and has frequently served, as a consultant on a local and national level to other humane organizations, district attorney offices, municipalities, animal control officers and town counsels for all matters involving animal welfare.

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